Tour Packages


Our rugby tour packages are second to none and we pride ourselves on understanding the game and it’s traditions better than any other tour agent. Collectively, the Directors have 45 years of coaching experience between them. We promote the game, first and foremost, and take great pleasure in share our passion and love of rugby with overseas visitors. After all, it is our national game and regarded by many as the heart and soul of the country.


  • Specialist coaching
  • Game videoing and analysis
  • Live training
  • Watching professional rugby teams train
  • Rugby equipment supplies
  • Work with training professionals
  • Games matched to ensure good competition

Typically, the duration of our tours last for between 7-12 days. Everything is managed for each group once they arrive in New Zealand. Services include:

  • Met at airport to assist with transfers and settling in to accommodation
  • Full liaison throughout tour to ensure all aspects of the tour are well managed
  • Regular meetings with Total Rugby staff to go through all aspects of current arrangements
  • blog pages available to create tour diary on Total Rugby website


  • suitable opposition
  • well organised games from change rooms to refs to after matches
  • team building opportunities
  • easy and open liaison
  • appropriate accommodation
  • reliable, comfortable transport
  • suitable tourist activities
  • manageable budgets
  • flexibility

Below is an example of how we put together a tour package. The Itinerary Overview is the starting document that enables both parties to easily and quickly see the full picture and to make changes. Once this is complete a quote will be provided. If accepted work starts on the full itinerary. Modifications are still possible at this stage.

Total Rugby Itinerary Overview by TotalTours on Scribd

Typical Rugby Tour Full Itinerary by TotalTours on Scribd